Classical Music

Indian Classical Music is as old as Indian civilization itself. Tracing its roots to the vedic age, this rich art form has been a part of our culture and traditions. One has to hear the musical chanting of the Samaveda to experience the music in its earliest and purest form. Since then, Indian classical music has evolved over the centuries, finding new expressions and unifying cultures, while retaining the essence of its ancient form.

रंजयति इति राग: this Sanskrit saying means, 'that which colours the mind is a raga'. The SAMUTKARSH Academy of Yog and Classical Music is an endeavor to colour the mind through an exploration of music. This exploration will be through both, learning and experiencing this rich art form. SAMUTKARSH offers regular classes for those interested in learning Indian classical music – vocal and instrumental. Besides this, SAMUTKARSH will also be organizing music concerts and inviting various performing artisties for a deeper appreciation of classical music. An initiation into Indian classical music is a journey in itself – its richness, spirituality, magic and allure is all there for us to discover.

Why Classical Music
  • This is a tradition that connects us with our roots. It is uniquely Indian and an extremely creative art form.
  • Scientists have shown that pursuit of Classical Music enhances the right-brain activity which is linked with creativity and innovation.
  • Indian Classical Music is also associated with spiritual & mental well being.
  • Our stress filed lives & greater learning towards “hurry, worry” culture is transforming our society. Indian Classical Music takes us back to our roots and has a therapeutic effect.
  • The new branch of Music therapy has been fast emerging. This is based on the use of Indian Classical Music for healing exclusively or as an adjunct to treat various stress related disorders.
  • Beneficial to pregnant women too Music course are affiliated by Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai.
Department of Music
Affiliated to Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidhyalay Mandal - Miraj
Academic Courses          
Sitar Vocal Harmonium Tabla Keyboard Guitar
Classical Dance  
Bharatnatyam KuchiPuddi
Special Music Programme
Sugam Sangeet (Bhajan, Shlokas, Garba, Lagna Geet)
Music Cultural & Spiritual Functions
Semi Annual Function and Annual Function
Vedic Music Therapy
Musical Workshops
Stage Performance

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Department of Music