Relax your body, deepen your breath and enhance your spirit at this unique celebration of YOU. This is an opportunity for you to explore a wide range of teaching and practices of yog at our institute which is one of its kind in the entire state of Gujarat.

Yog is the holistic approach to all aspects of life; physical mental and spiritual. Yog views the person as a whole and practicing it helps maintain the harmony of the body, mind and soul. At SAMUTKARSH Academy of Yog, Music and Holistic Living, we offer a scientific and methodical approach to learning Yog through trained and qualified teachers.

Our programme is open to anyone who is interested in yog and therapy. Our aim is to inform, inspire and transform the society through regular yog classes, periodical yog shibirs and enlightening lectures.

With the help of our instructors, you will explore, the Viniyog of Yog, an artful expression which uses many techniques to help discover the path to holistic health and also helps in stress management.

Be a part of our journey to spiritual upliftment and physical fitness and infuse your life with optimism, positivity and love that pervades the universe.

Department of Yog
Daily Yog Training Program      
Primary Yog for beginners Advance Yog Yoga as Therapy (BP, Diabetic & Thyroid) Yoga For Obesity (weight loss)
Per Day 60 Minutes Per Day 60 Minutes Per Day 60 Minutes Per Day 60 Minutes
Yog for Children
Part One
Age Group 7 to 15 Years
Special Yog Training Programme      
Program for Chakra Program for Pranayam & Meditation Shatkarma Program for Detoxification of Body
Parental Yog
Yog for Pregnant Women
Yog Therapy Programme Academic Courses
Department of Yog